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Area-wise, Goa is the smallest state in our country. Population-wise, it is the fourth smallest state in our country. Panaji is the state's capital, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city. Goa is famous for tourism. In 2004 there were more than 2 million tourists reported to have visited this state, 400,000 of whom were from abroad. It is is famous for exotic beaches, historical sites and museums, temples and museums. You can find Goa educational information from this site. Educational information means details like Goa SSC and HSSC board exam details, Goa ITI education details, Goa medical educational details, Goa technical educational details and also Goa schools and colleges contact details etc. Location: It is in western coast of the Indian subcontinent . Total Area: Total area is approximately 3702 square kilometers. Best Time to Visit to Goa: During October to March Capital City: Panaji / Panjim Languages Spoken in the state: Konkani is the official language. Other languages include English, Marathi, Hindi and Portuguese. Major Religions : Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. Main Attractions: Beaches, Churches, best tourist places and attractions, water sports, historical places and forts, flea Markets and cuisine and seafood in the hotels, shacks and resorts in Goa. One of the smallest state in India, it has almost a well-known and busiest over the inflow of tourists in India. As stated above, it is located on the western coast of India which is also well known as the coast of Konkan. Goa is encircled by the state of Karnataka on the east / south and Maharashtra on the north also the Arabian Sea on its west. Capital city of this state is known as Panaji or Panjim and another main cities are Margao(Madgaon), Vasco-Da-Gama, Ponda, Mapusa etc. Goa is one of the popular and main centers of tourism in India and it provides international standards of holiday experiencing. To promote tourism and increase the inflow of tourists, this state has well maintained world class beaches and other major tourist attractions nearby. On one hand tourists may find sports, fun, games and casinos at par with those used to see and experience at Las Vegas and on the other hand you may also find famous and ancient churches that provide the history, architect and perfect picture of the religious faiths of the Goans.

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